Metro Atlanta Urban Farm depends solely on donations, grants, and program revenue. Help make a difference by donating.


8 July 2021 – For the past five years, the Clorox Foundation has played a major role in Metro Atlanta Urban Farm’s (MAUF) ability to impact the lives of thousands of children, most of whom come from marginalized and underserved communities. MAUF’s impact, with support from the Clorox Foundation, has grown steadily and now extends to more than a 50-mile radius beyond 3271 Main Street in College Park, GA—the home of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm.

From thank you cards, to letters, to making time to volunteer, organizations, families and children often find amazingly heartening ways to show their appreciation for the support that the farm provides. Rarely, if ever, was there such a demonstration of gratitude with greater impact than that of a 9-year-old volunteer. The little girl accompanied her mother who was among a group of volunteers from United Way of Metro Atlanta. In addition to donating volunteer hours, the United Way volunteers came to learn more about agriculture and farming techniques. The 9-year-old was the youngest member of the group and had heard that the Clorox Foundation would no longer be funding MAUF at the same level as in previous years.

Much to our astonishment, the young volunteer came prepared to do more than volunteer. With funds from her piggy bank to donate to the farm, little did she know that her little hands were making a true impact. The donation amounted to less than $6.00. However, that one donation valued as much as any of the largest donations that we have ever received. In that moment, an overwhelming amount of emotion caused my eyes to fill with tears. It was the realization that MAUF was doing exactly what I thought we would be able to do when we started the farm more than ten years ago. That is—to make a difference in the lives of young people, especially those who come from marginalized and underserved communities.

To have had the support of the Clorox Foundation for the past five years allowed us to have an even greater impact in the lives of children. The relationship between MAUF and the Clorox Foundation has been mutually rewarding. As the Clorox Foundation begins to charter a new course, I am tremendously grateful for the opportunities we have had to impact thousands of children’s lives because of your commitment and support to marginalized and underserved communities in Metro Atlanta. Thank you.



Ask the Experts: MAUF CEO Bobby Wilson, continues to share his knowledge and expertise with new and beginning farmers. Ongoing research in agriculture best practices and innovations in production help to distinguish Metro Atlanta Urban as an informal S.T.E.M. center for high students and an agriculture research center for those seeking answers and advice.

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Metro Atlanta Urban Farm depends solely on donations, grants, and program revenue. Help make a difference by donating.