Giving Tuesday 2022


How can you donate to a Top 10 CNN Hero? 

–You may DONATE directly to GoFundMe at:  Top 10 CNN Heroes: $500,000 Subaru Match,

Subaru will be matching donations to all the 2022 Top 10 CNN Heroes up to $50,000 per hero.

Donation matching starts on Tuesday, Nov.29 (“Giving Tuesday”) at 8:00 AM ET and will be promoted during the live broadcast of the 16th Annual CNN Heroes:  An All-Star, Tribute, Sunday, Dec.11at 8:00 PM ET.  Matching for each Top 10 CNN Hero continues until each nonprofit has raised $50,000 in matching-eligible donations or Monday, January 3, 2023 (11:59 PM ET)–whichever comes first

How large a donation can someone make that’s matched?

Individual donations up to an including $5,000.00 will be matched until the total matching cap for each Hero’s organization is reached.  Donations of more than $5,000.00 will be accepted, but only the first $5,000.00 is matched.  Any donor may make more than one donation to one ore more of the 2022 Top 10 CNN Heroes.

In each case, the $5,000.00 individual matching-eligible cap applies.  Should you, as a donor, want to give more than $5,000.00, CNN suggests that you do so as a separate donation to the fundraiser, so that your full amount will be matched.

CAUTION:  Large donations sometimes trigger a “hold” by the bank issuing the donor’s credit card.  Neither CNN nor GoFundMe is responsible for donations that do not go through.  This has happened in the past.  Thus, CNN would like for you to be aware that this is a possibility.

Any donation, including corporate, that is made through GoFundMe is eligible for matching.

Only those made through GoFundMe are matched, including those made through Bobby Wilson/Metro Atlanta Urban Farm’s ‘Donate’ widget.

Thank you for your donation(s).  Thank you for your support through the years which has made this moment in time possible.

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